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Knee Replacement

When the knee joint has worn out so much, the doctor will see if the knee replacement is needed. This operation will replace the knee but it will also improve the range of motion of the joint and also decrease the pain. The implant that is usually substituted for the old one has two metal parts, and the plastic area that separates them. The treatment for this condition is surgery, but the doctor will see if the surgery is needed.

Since every surgery brings the risk along, the same goes for those knee replacement surgeries. Allergic reactions and blood clots can be formed. These side effects are rare and patients usually try to prevent the problem. The operation we are talking about is called knee arthroplasty. This operation is performed very routinely, since great number of Americans performs them every year. The joint wears-out after some time. This is one of the most common reasons for the knee replacement surgery. The second benefit includes the improved knee motion range and pain decrease. One of the most common problems that create the troubles we are talking about is arthritis. This condition is created due to the tearing and wearing out of the joint.

There are treatments, like physical therapy, activity alteration and medications that can be used before the surgery. If they prove to be ineffective, the surgery comes in the play. The wearing of the joint causes the bone to create a rough surface, since they rub against the each other. This leads to the pain. When this problem is present, fluid is gathered in the joints to make them lubricated. This will make knee warm when touched and swollen. The problem will develop and the problem will be even worse and deformity of the knee is a possibility.


Patient will see and determine whether to perform this surgery or not. The surgery is done only as a last way of resort. Treating of the problem includes weight reduction, activity alteration, physical therapy, medications, walking aids, and medical condition controls. In some cases, the treatment that does not include surgery will be ineffective. If this has happened, the surgery will be done. Before you decide which treatment to use, consult your doctor and he will help you to make a reasonable choice. The choice which is the most appropriate one for you is up to you. The surgery is not obligatory, so if you do not want it, it will not be performed, but the consequences of this decision may be serious. There is no medication that can prevent the joint wearing out. This problem only becomes worse and never better. Remember to discuss with your doctor before making the decision.

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