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There are women that will become pregnant with relative ease and then there are those that will have a long road ahead before conception will occur. A couple that has been trying to conceive for a long period of time will wonder if fertility impairment is due to something which requires professional help or if it is simply a dietary or lifestyle hindrance. For a woman that has chronic yeast infections, she might be wondering if yeast could prevent pregnancy. Could yeast prevent pregnancy is a viable question, but the simple answer is no a yeast infection should not prevent a couple trying to conceive from having a baby.

The only way in which yeast could affect pregnancy is by making sexual intercourse uncomfortable and the couple might be less active than normal. Yeast organisms live in the vagina and when growing out of control, can irritate the vaginal canal and cause discharge and burning during intercourse and urination. The symptoms of a yeast infection can make it uncomfortable to have sex, but there is no need for a couple to avoid sexual intercourse. However, because a yeast infection can be passed from one partner to the other, a couple should be sure to use a barrier birth control method to prevent spreading. Untreated yeast infections do not generally have long-term health consequences and do not lead to uterine scarring or infertility in females. If a woman is trying to get pregnant she might be wondering,

Could yeast prevent pregnancy? While a yeast infection itself does not prevent pregnancy, it can be uncomfortable and cause burning and pain which makes intercourse less than pleasurable. If a woman is trying to conceive and has an active yeast infection, it needs to be treated because it can delay or prevent pregnancy because of having to use barrier birth control to avoid spreading. The body of a woman makes and contains natural levels of yeast, but when levels become disrupted and growth is out of control a female can get a yeast infection. If a woman has never before had a yeast infection and has certain symptoms, it is a good idea to visit a physician to receive a definite diagnosis. With treatment of over the counter or prescription medications the yeast infection can be brought under control easily and a woman can go on to experience a healthy conception.

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