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Those who suffer from a wet cough could benefit a lot from using various different types of natural expectorants because they are very efficient in thinning and expelling the mucus which blocks the airways. Any expectorant is a type of medicament which is efficient in expelling the mucus and other harmful materials from the trachea, bronchi and the lungs. When the mucus get thinner it is much easier to expel. There are actually a number of medical conditions which require the person to expel all the harmful mucus, so that is where expectorants come in very handy. One such medical condition is pneumonia, for example. Among the most popular types of expectorants is the one known as guaifenisin.


There is a common misconception among people that all cough medications are expectorants. This could not be further from the truth because most of them are actually suppressants, and only a small number of them are expectorants. Suppressants are a completely different type of medication as they are efficient in lessening the urge to cough, so they may come in very handy for all those who suffer from dry hacking cough. They are of great help in facilitating better sleep and aiding comfort because they minimize the coughing. Most conventional expectorants come in the form of syrups and other medicaments, but there are also certain substances which can be considered as natural types of expectorants. Even though their efficacy is not certified by scientific studies, they are commonly used among people. One should always consult a doctor before using any of the natural expectorants.

Natural Expectorant Remedies

The most common natural expectorant is steam. By inhaling the steam, a patient will be enabled to thin the mucus and cough it out much more easily. Steam can be obtained from a vaporizer or simply by having a hot shower. If the patient is too ill to have a shower, he or she can simply hold the head over a pan of boiling water. The head also needs to be covered with a towel, so that a steam room environment can be simulated. There are also numerous different types of aromatherapy oils such as juniper oil and cypress oil which can also be inhaled as natural expectorants. Another potent natural expectorant is eucalyptus oil. Other efficient types of natural expectorants include water, hot tea, lemon, ginger, honey, Angelica, Horehound and hyssop. Fried foods, meat and dairy products should be avoided as much as possible.

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