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Any symptom, if it lasts long enough, may become annoying, oppressive and interfere in everyday life. Even personal relationships can be affected. Suffering from constant headaches as well as constant fatigue is generally exhausting. If these two symptoms tend to linger, a person should consult a doctor and try to identify the underlying cause.

Constant Headache and Fatigue: Causes

It is normal to feel fatigue and headache from time to time especially if one works long hours, is under too much stress or is suffering from certain medical conditions. However, it these two symptoms last long enough they can significantly affect one's performance and in some cases behavior.

Constant headache and fatigue are characteristics for certain conditions, these include adrenal fatigue, borderline anemia, sleep disorders, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism etc. It may sound amazing but it has been estimated that almost 80% of the adult people in The United States have experienced adrenal fatigue at some point in their lives.

Apart from physical disorders, many psychological problems such as anxiety or hypersensitivity may cause the onset of headaches and fatigue. The problem in this case, may be related to work, relationships and family issues. Stress, in large amounts for prolonged periods of time, may lead to constant headaches and fatigue. Stress is related to sleeping problems and if a person does not sleep enough he/ she will eventually suffer the consequences.

These two symptoms can also be associated with constipation, where the toxic substances are not eliminated from the body properly and may be initiators of headaches and fatigue. Even dehydration can have the same effects.

And finally, a hectic lifestyle, a characteristic of today's living, can be the cause for headaches and fatigue. People tend to push themselves too much, eat unhealthy, cherish bad habits (smoking, drinking etc.) and neglect their health.

How to Deal with Constant Headache and Fatigue?

It is essential to identify the underlying cause of constant headache and fatigue. This can be achieved alone or after a consultation with a doctor. Once the underlying cause has been identified a person may deal with it.

In majority of cases a simple change in lifestyle can be beneficial. Plenty of sleep, healthy meals, regular exercise and physical activity will increase energy levels, maintain health of the entire body and prevent these symptoms from occurring. Dealing with stress is also necessary and it can be achieved with certain relaxation techniques.

And finally, people who are suffering from certain medical conditions require proper medications and once their illness is brought under control the symptoms of the illness (together with constant headache and fatigue) will withdraw.

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