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The gout is the metabolic disorder and it is presented as the swelling filled with liquid. It is located on joints and the area around them, and gout is always followed with a sudden and considerable pain. The people who are more likely to get gout are those with a higher level of uric acid in the blood flow.

But, there are more possible causes and circumstances under which this disease tends to appear. Those are: obesity, drinking too much alcohol and eating unhealthy foods, the consumption of legal and illegal drugs, and other. But, also, some diseases and conditions may lead to the gout, such as the disorder of the thyroid gland, or some previously suffered illnesses or any transplantation during the life. It is good to point out that the male adults passed middle-age are under a considerably higher risk of getting gout.

Also, one of the existing risk factors is the genetic factor and, if that is the case, some children can beaffected.

So, although this condition can be caused by many triggers, and because of that, being very common, it mustn’t be left untreated. In order to avoid some severe complications, one should pay attention on the medical treatment.

First of all, gout can extend to the nearby tissue, and that way pass on the bones and deform the skeleton and the joints.

One of the most common consequences of the untreated gout is the troubles with kidneys. It can lead to the creation of the stones in the kidneys. In order to avoid this complication, it is recommended to minimize the effect of the risk factors for gout, along with the ones related to the formation of the stones. The problem with the kidney’s stones is that one could notice them only when they are in motion, that is, when they’re already created.

Hyperuricemia (or, as also called, the excessive amount of uric acid in the blood) if being chronic, might sometimes lead to the total kidney failure, causing the progressive type of kidney disease beforehand.

Unfortunately, the condition of the increased uric acid and the gout problems can cause the heart related disorders and diseases, such as the heart failure, coronary artery disease and hypertension. Actually, the researches have shown that the patients with some heart related disease, who had also suffered from Hyperuricemia, were more likely to die from that heart problem.

There are also the conditions that could be the possible complications, and which should be mentioned here. Those are: Dry eye syndrome, the lung complications (but rarely) and Cataracts.

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