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Pulmonary tuberculosis and the main facts

Pulmonary tuberculosisis a very serious and contagious disease that is caused by the bacteria. The seriousnessof this condition is implied through the fact that it is one of the majorcauses of death all over the world, even though it can be successfully treated andcured when discovered in time. When setting the diagnosis, it is very importantto determine whether it is active or latent though it can easily be concluded basedon the symptoms as well.

The main symptoms of active tuberculosis, which is contagious,are night sweats, loss of appetite and weight without a logical explanation,fatigue, and fever, while in cases of latent, none of the symptoms have to appear.The signs that indicate pulmonary tuberculosis are pain in the chest, coughingwhich lasts for several months, and coughing up blood. Besides the treatment thatconsists of medicines, this serious condition can also be treated with somehomemade and herbal remedies, and if they are given a chance, they will proveto be very helpful.

Complications of pulmonary tuberculosis

Having in mind that pulmonarytuberculosis primarily affects the lungs, lung damage is one of the mostfrequent complications, and it may lead to the lung failure. However, when itcomes to the other possible complications that tuberculosis can cause, thegreatest majority of them is very serious, and even life threatening, especiallyin cases in which this disease is left untreated or in cases in which it hasnot been treated timely and in a proper way. In such cases, it may spread toother parts of the body, thus making the treatment more difficult,particularly if it spreads to the bones, because destruction of the jointsfollowed by pain is very likely to be experienced then.

Meningitis is practically an inevitable complication in cases when pulmonary tuberculosis spreads to thebrain, and it is important to mention that this condition may be fatal. The seriousnessof this disease is implied through the fact that it can spread to the entirebody, and in such cases, it leads to the failure of kidneys, liver and evenheart, which is the reason for many fatal outcomes related to thiscomplication. Infants, older people and those with lower immunity areparticularly at risk of developing complications, which is why it is extremelyimportant to react as soon as the first symptoms are noticed.

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