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The treatment of the piles is very different for each individual who suffers from them. Piles is also referred to as hemorrhoids.They are basically cells that have enlarged and grown and contain a network of blood vessels and have a mucus covering like a membrane. They are located in the anal canal and can prevent anything from escaping the rectum.

The Causes and the complaints of piles

The piles originally are found inside the anus, however if they suffer a certain amount of pressure then they will start to protrude out of the rectum in a bulging effect. This can cause quite a bit of pain for the individual and sometimes it can be coupled with bleeding. When the piles are bleeding, a blood clot may form in the vessels in the piles this is called trombosed haemorrhoïd. If you tend not to eat a healthy amount of fibers in your diet then your fasces can be un-normal in the sense it will be dry and think in consistency thus causing an amount of pressure on the piles. Another cause of piles is sitting for too long periods and also if you do not receive enough exercise throughout the week. Even people that are in excess of their ideal body weight can be contenders for piles.

How to prevent the complaints

If you can make sure your fasces is soft and yielding then this will help with not applying too much pressure. So try eating things like brown bread and drink at least one and a half to two liters of water every single day. Some people try to keep to a schedule when it comes to releasing their bowels, this is not recommended if you want to be pile free. If you need to lose a few pounds then do so if you want to prevent piles and also physical exercise is proven to help in the avoidance of piles.

Diagnosis and research of piles

If you think you have piles then you need to visit your doctor who will do a physical exam on you because there are many other reasons for the same symptoms. Sometimes if it is required and usually if the individual is over forty five years old the doctor may want to do an endoscopy of the big bowel and/or a radiography.

Piles treatment possibilities

A ligaturing with a rubber band of the protruded mucous membrane can be done. Also the doctor can shrink the pile by injecting an irritating solution below the mucous membrane.

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