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The anal canal is the area in your body that connects the rectum with the anus, inside the anal canal there are certain areas called anal cushions and this is where you can find something called piles that a small, circular swollen lumps.There is no real way of knowing just how many people actually suffer with piles because not every person with piles reports it to their doctor it is guessed however that it can be anything up to twenty five percent of the population.Different types of piles

Piles are graded in the matter of how serious they are, they can actually hang down out of the rectum even though they initially grow inside the anal canal. If the piles are inside the anal canal and cannot be seen but there is some slight bleeding then these piles are referred to as grade one degree. The grade two degree piles prolapsed when the individual experiences bowel movement which means they are in fact sticking out slightly from the rectum however when the bowel movement finished the piles then proceed to go back inside out of view. If the piles don’t go back in on their own accord and have to be pushed back inside then it is referred to as grade three degree piles. If the piles are painful due to clotting of the blood and are extremely large and cannot be pushed back into the rectum then it is referred to as grade four degree piles. There is also a type of pile called external piles, these have been made under the anal cushions and can cause more pain than the other types of piles mentioned above. There is another possible cause for having a lumps in the region of the anus which is a sentinel pile this is painless and is a skin tag that has grown after a crack in the anus has healed up.

Symptoms of piles

There are many symptoms of piles which include but are not limited to bleeding from your anus which is not necessarily painful and you may feel a bump on your anus and possibly a slimy discharge made of mucus. Some piles patients have also stated they felt like they had not emptied their bowels completely and their anus felt itchy. You may find your anus becomes swollen and you may experience some pain after bowel movement.Causes of piles

Unfortunately the precise cause of piles isn't known. Only a theory of weak tissues exists.

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