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Obesity can be a veryserious problem, and you have to know that problems caused by being obese arenot just of cosmetic type. The problems can be very serious and can impair yourhealth. Some of the most common problems in obese people have are, high bloodpressure and diabetes. Because of the general state of the body, diseases andconditions will easily find the way to the system of obese people. In order to determine if you are obese, doctors or patients can use body mass indexformula or BMI, which uses the weight and height to determine the index. Peoplewith index below 18.5 are considered underweight, between 18.5 and 25.9normal, 25 to 29.9 overweight, and over 30 are considered to be obese. There isalso a possibility of an extreme obesity, which corresponds with index above40.

Extreme obesity is verydangerous for the health. Problem with weight is one of the most commonproblems worldwide. Every third person is obese in America. But do notthink that obesity is a result of excessive eating. There are a lot of otherfactors which are related to obesity, such as chronic and complex diseases,metabolism, genetics, eating disorders and many more. Genetics are importantsince they are responsible for our appetite, feeling satisfied, ability tostore fat and others. Lifestyle and environment are important factors aswell. If you live in the environment where eating fast food is common, or ifyou use car all the time (activity is reduced), you are more prone to obesity.Metabolism is important, but for some people, reducing the intake of calorieswill just not be enough. Today scientists think that, when we reduce caloriesintake, the brain decreases the metabolism speed, which results with the returnof the lost weight. This theory is called "set point". Manyconditions will attract the body of obese people more effectively. Suchconditions include heart disease and high blood pressure, because weight puts alot of pressure on the heart; diabetes, since obesity causes insulinresistance; infertility; depression; incontinence, which is actually urinarystress produced by weakened urinary bladder; irregular menstrual periods;heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux. Respiratory problems and sleep apnea, inwhich blockage is created by fat gathered in the neck and tongue, and osteoarthritis,in which overweight over stresses the joints, resulting with their massive tearand inflammation, are also much more likely to happen to obese people. Theseare some of the most common problems obese people experience. If you are insome way threatened by obesity, try to monitor elements we have mentioned inthe text. Maybe you can prevent this possibly serious problem.

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