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There are a lot of people who don`t pay attention to whatthey eat. They start eating fast food more and more and one day they lookthemselves in the mirror but they just don`t want to accept the fact that theyhave gained some weight. There is a difference between being obese andoverweight. The American Heart Association has come up with the formula forthis problem. This difference can bemade by determining the amount of body fat, which can easily show if a personeats more calories than they should. Body fat can be measured by using aformula for body mass index (BMI). The formula is accurate and it estimates thevalue of body fat that is relative to the person`s height.


There is a simple mathematical formula by which you cancheck your body composition. You should measure yourself using pounds (lb) andmultiply it by 703 and now divide the result by your height in inches twotimes. For example if you weigh 187 pounds and your height is 5’9” (70,8”) thenthe formula should look like this. 187 x 73 =131,461. 131,461 / 70,8 = 1856,79.1856,79 / 70.8 = 26,22.

This is the way in which you can measure if you are overweight orobese. There is a clear chart that can help you. If your BMI is under 18.5, thenyou are underweight. If it values between 18.5 and 24.9, then it is consideredhealthy weight. In case BMI value is from 25 to 30 then, a person is consideredoverweight, while BMI value between 30.1 and 40 indicates that a person is obese.Moreover, if BMI value is over 40, then a person is severely obese.

Negative Benefits of Gaining Weight

A lot of people who are overweight or obese may not beeating only fast food, but they can suffer some serious health problems due totheir weight. People who are obese can suffer from many heart problems, highblood pressure, high blood cholesterol, stroke, and diabetes. AHA has made astatement that men whose waists are more than 39” and women whose waists aremore than 35” are more prone to suffer from any of these diseases.

Preventing Obesity

It is essential that you pay attention to what you eat, howoften you eat and how much calories the food you have just ate contains. A lot ofpeople just don`t have time or are lazy to prepare some meal, so they go out tohave it, but don`t do that. Stay home and prepare something nice, healthy anddelicious. Many people have gained weight out of boredom. Go out with your friends,visit some interesting destinations instead of staying in front of a TV eatingjunky food. The greatest wealth is health.

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