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We will talk about the cleaners that contain the toxins. The exposure to the products that contain such toxins can lead to some serious problems. Once the problem is present, the person in question will experience troubles such as cold, fever and similar problems associated with flu.

Diagnose and Treatment

This makes the problem hard to detect since these problems are very common and usually do not suggest some serious medical condition. But, then the fever becomes very high, approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and this is when medical attention is needed. Still, this problem is very hard to detect and easy to confuse with some other condition. One of the common conditions that the doctors confuse Kawasaki disease with is scarlet fever. If this happens, the doctor will usually send you home and give you some antibiotics to take. But, since this is not scarlet fever, the problem can become worse if not treated. Further problems that are experienced are bloodshot, rash eyes and another rise in fever, which usually suggests Kawasaki disease. Next step of this condition is the spreading of the rash and swelling. There is a treatment for this condition and it involves a medication, which in some cases can cause very serious side effects. The medication can lead to convulsion, and in this case, blood transfusion has to be done. But, if the medication causes no problem, the problem will be eliminated in the next 48 hours.


The problem of Kawasaki disease can be caused by some environmental factors and genetic predisposition. As we have said, this problem can be caused by some environmental factors, as well as by the carpet cleaners, although this is not confirmed scientifically. Be very careful when you buy cleaners and products that contain chemicals. Some manufacturers advertise that their products do not contain toxins, but in fact they contain toxins that are not toxic for the environment, but they can be for the humans. One of the people who was taken away by this medical condition is the son of a famous actor John Travolta. It is very important to detect the problem in the beginning phase because otherwise, this autoimmune disorder can cause some great damage. This condition makes the body attack itself, especially arteries and blood vessels, which can lead to the heart disease. For the end, we have to say that extreme caution is needed when you are buying carpet cleaner products which are said to be non-toxic. Be sure that this is exactly what you are buying. You can find a list of these products, get familiar with them, and avoid future problems.

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