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The occurrence of red spots on the tongue is most likely to be a symptom of some kind of physical condition and not the condition itself. They can mean anything, from a consequence of a sort of physical injury to cancer. That’s why it is really important to visit a medical professional and determine the cause of red spots on the tongue as soon as one notices them, so that they could be treated properly.

Red spots as a result of vitamin B12 deficiency

Perhaps one of the most frequent causes of red spots on the tongue is insufficient intake of vitamin B12. This problem is quite easily solved by simply including more foods containing a high level of vitamin B12 into the diet. These are usually citrus fruits and consuming them daily will reslove the issue in no time.

Red spots as a result of scarlet fever

Anotherpossible cause of red spots on the tongue is a disease called scarlet fever. Scarlet fever is a bacterial disease and these spots are actually one of its prime symptoms. This disease can be cured by taking a vaccine against it, followed by a combination of medicines that are involved in the process of treating scarlet fever.

Red spots as a result of Kawasaki syndrome

Red spots on the tongue are one of the symptoms of Kawasaki syndrome as well. The disease is not well-known and it is only speculated that it is genetic. It is known to attack the immune system and it most often affects small children. And while this syndrome is not difficult to take care of, its treatment requires hospitalization.

Red spots as a result of allergies

Whenallergies are the cause of red spots on the tongue, they are manifested as the so-called eczema. It happens when the skin is so dry that it becomes inflammed. The tongue surface can get irritated in the same way and a kind of oral bacteria is then able to attack the taste buds, producing red spots. This condition is known to be very uncomfortable and painful even; therefore, certain medications are used to relieve the disagreeable symptoms. As for treating it so that it would go away entirely, there is no special treatment. The only thing that can be done is to revise the diet and pay attention to its nutritious content and increase the water intake so that the tongue would not be so dried out.

Red spots as a result of asthma

A very frequent reason of red spots is also asthma. When they appear as the result of asthma, they signify the reaction of the respiratory system to the substances causing the allergic reaction. Unfortunately, as there is no clear cure for asthma, there is no clear cure for these spots. Therefore, the only thing left to do is try to stay clear of anything that could provoke the negative reaction and always have an inhaler.

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