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Human diseases

A human body is a remarkable structure. It is composed of many systems and organs and every part of it has its significant role. It is crucially important to maintain the whole body healthy if we want to live long and enjoy the life. Since the body functions as a complex mechanism, every part of it should be healthy. When only one part of this immense and complex structure is impaired, it can affect the surrounding parts and eventually the whole body.

However, the human body is very sensitive and prone to many disorders and diseases, despite the natural defense system, which is the immune system. One should know the difference between the diseases on one side, and injuries, syndromes and disabilities on the other side. When one has mental or physical lesion, it is called an injury, whereas the disability refers to a deficiency that can be caused by an illness or an injury, for example. The syndrome means a group of symptoms that occur at the same time. Disease is a condition opposed to health, when the body is physiologically or morphologically changed.

General causes of disease

A disease can be caused due to various reasons. In developed countries, environmental causes are the most frequent reasons for the occurrence of a disease. These environmental factors include toxins, chemicals and pollutants, such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide, and radioactive pollutants. Furthermore, allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, pet hair, and many others can cause a disease, which can also be induced by fungi, bacteria and viruses, as well as by cigarette smoke.

Unfortunately, many diseases are inheritable and can be passed from a parent to a child. It happens due to certain genes that are responsible for this. In developing countries, the most common cause of many diseases is poor and unhealthy diet. When one consumes unhealthy diet, many vital nutrients are in deficiency. When one does not consume fresh fruits and vegetables, but consume foods rich in fats, it can lead to the development of certain disease. Furthermore, there are also diseases that can be developed due to social problems. When a person is under the constant pressure and stress because of the demands and problems at work and home, it can lead to the occurrence of stress-induced diseases. Physical inactivity and obesity are also two frequent causes of many diseases, such as diabetes and circulatory system diseases.

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