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Each and everyone of us is afraid of something and, believe it or not, there is a name for his/her phobia. Most commonly, people are afraid of death or pain. However, they are even more afraid of public speaking or meeting new people.

The Mechanisms inside Us

Fear is our natural response to new things. Even babies tend to move rapidly once you try to undress them and, once they grow up to be children, start fearing the monsters inside the closet and other such apparitions.

Yet, this fear is good for us since it keeps us safe from danger and shows that we understand the necessity of staying away from potentially hazardous situations. Fear can be broken down into worry and anxiety which are useful to be felt in moderation. We have to worry about numerous aspects of our lives such as paying the bills, performing well at work, be in the right place at the right time etc.

However, if we overdo it, we will find ourselves being worried and frightened excessively, which is a counter-productive state of affairs. Chronic fear is capable of interfering with each and every aspect of our lives, crippling us and making us spend countless nights awake, lacking appetite, suffering from headaches and feeling miserable. In time, this kind of life is bound to take its toll on our health due to the fact that the stress hormone cortisol gets produced, raising our blood pressure and potentially leading to heart attacks or strokes. Occasionally, cortisol allows our body to enter the “fight or flight” regime of functioning and this is useful once we are in danger or in a need to react promptly. Yet, if we are constantly producing this hormone, we are likely to become sick.

Dealing with Chronic Fear

Living with chronic fear is not an option since this kind of life can hardly be defined as healthy. Thus, you need to overcome this fear by looking deep inside yourself and defining the cause of your worries. Make a mental note of all the matters that make you frightened, worried or anxious and, once you have defined these problems, start solving them.

As far as finding solutions is concerned, you are advised to brainstorm. For example, if paying bills is your primary fear and worry, do your best to find a constructive solution through cutting down your expenses, shopping during sales and accommodating your life so that you can manage to pay for all the expenses. Sitting and waiting will not make matters better and you have greater chances of being hit by a lightning than of winning a lottery. Thus, make your own happiness happen.

Confronting fears can sometimes help you overcome them. Be realistic and do not fight matters you cannot influence or change. Death is inevitable and life is a cycle which ends and begins, with us being nothing but tiny particles involved in the process. Thus, do your best to enjoy the ride rather than to waste your time on fears and frustrations.

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