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A Thing or Two about Phobias

Phobias are extreme fears which areconsidered not to be sensible. Namely, we all have certain fears, andthey serve to keep us safe from trouble and potential dangers.However, some people, and by “some” an incredibly large number ismeant, have fears which are groundless. Thus, there are individualswhich fear small spaces even though nothing bad can happen in these,or certain insects, even when they are drawn on a piece of paper.Nevertheless, phobias are not to be trifled with. These are mentalstates of a person, making one's temperature higher, heart ratefaster and triggering numerous mental and physical problemsimmediately or in the long run. People with phobias need professionalhelp in order to overcome them, or, at least, learn how to deal withtheir fears and avoid them as much as possible since phobias can maketheir lives far more complicated or even impossible to live.


Acrophobia is one of the most commonphobias known. Basically, this is fear of heights. Yet, this phobiais not the fear normally felt when you watch the bottom of a deepgorge while standing from above or while traveling by airplane.Acrophobia stands for being incapable of climbing tall stairs,ladder, or even standing on a chair in order to replace a light bulb.What is more, some people with this phobia may turn down an offer forpromotion since this involves moving to a higher floor of the companythey work in. Therefore, living with a phobia like this is no way tolive and one should hive his/her best to fight it and learn how toovercome it, either on their own or by using a professional help.

Treating Acrophobia

Once the symptoms of your phobia takeplace, you need to know how to counter them and relax. For thesepurposes you might use numerous relaxation techniques like deepbreathing or meditation, relaxing your muscles and supplying yourbody with sufficient oxygen in order to think straight and avoidpanicking. Naturally, if soothing music, aromatic scents or somethingelse does the trick for you, do it.

Surely, you can try and avoid gettingin contact with height by living in a one-floor house, working insuch a building too etc. However, this is hardly helpful since sooneror later you will need to face your fears, whether you want it ornot.

Finally, one might try behavioraltherapy, where gradual exposure to one's phobias may make him/herimmune to these in time. This therapy is specially designed to fightthis phobia and, by following a specific program a person mayovercome acrophobia completely. Also, there are medications which canmake this process easier. However, due to side-effects manyanti-depressants and similar drugs have, these are to be the lastresort.

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