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Many people perceive anxiety as an illness which is more or less self-contained. However, anxiety does not get into our lives without a cause and this condition does not affect us for no particular reason. Rather, we become anxious due to our fears and worries for some kind of future events. Anxiety can keep us away from our own proper functioning and regular lifestyle, forcing us to worry about something constantly, being incapable of turning our thoughts away from it.

Facts about Anxiety

Anxiety, per se, strikes once we have not dealt with some kind of a problem in our past or future yet. Moreover, anxiety is bound to stay with us until the underlying problem is out of the picture. However, problems are not solved with medications which only suppress anxiety, or the issues we are dealing with, bombing our brain with chemicals. Problems are solved by addressing them directly. Thus, the best results, when it comes to treating anxiety in people, come from therapy, overlooked and directed by a professional in the field. We all have different reasons behind our anxiety and a box of medications cannot possibly be enough for making our worries go away.

Anxiety: Fear of Dying

Fear of dying is an anxiety-causing condition taking place due to fears of being terminally ill or bound to die soon. This fear can prevent one from leaving his or her family or friends alone for even a short while, not wanting to lose time since he/she is, supposedly, bound to die soon. Also, people with this fear believe that every chest pain they feel is a sign of a terminal heart problem, every headache a premonition of a stroke or a brain tumor etc. All in all, fear of dying is a constant aura of worry forming around an individual, making it impossible for him/her to relax or turn his/her thoughts away from death, which constantly seems imminent.

Anxiety Attacks

People with this fear can suffer from anxiety attacks which can be frightening, intense, extremely unpleasant and quite serious. However, these symptoms are not signs of an underlying disease or some other kind of terminal health problem. Rather, anxiety is just a temporary state of mind which, when addressed properly can be successfully removed from your life. Yet, in order for this to happen, you need to seek professional help.

Signs of Anxiety Attacks

When anxiety attack is about to strike, one is bound to feel as if something extremely bad is set to happen very soon. Thus, a feeling of being in grave danger is present. Additionally, this person may want to escape this situation. However, due to his/her inability to do so, he/she turns pale or red, starts feeling as if the skin on his/her body is burning, feeling confused and extremely frightened. Choking, dizziness, sensation of you losing your mind, constant negative thoughts, pressure on the head area, nausea, pins and needles, panic, racing heart, pain in the chest, clogged ears, sweating and vomiting can all appear during an anxiety attack.

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