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High levels of cholesterol can be reduced with the help of herbal supplements called chromium picolinate and in the following text, wewill talk more about this products. It can also be used for diabetes because itregulates the levels of sugar. Another beneficial effect on the human body isreduction of weight because it can burn fat. When buying these supplements, becareful and get a product made by a respectable company because optimal resultscan only be seen if you use quality products.


Medicine dosages are known for adults and children as well. But the dosage ofthe chromium supplement is not straightly determined because doctors do notknow how effective certain dose of chromium picolinate is. Safety is alsoquestioned when dosage is concerned. Another thing unknown to doctors is themaximum dose allowed for this supplement. AI, or adequate intake, is something doctorsare not familiar with, when it comes to the chromium picolinate. Dietdetermines the amount of chromium used, so the daily AI for babies should be0.2 mcg, while other people should take from 0.2 to 45 mcg during one day. Butthe AI talks about one dosage, while tables of this supplement have much higherdosages and amount of chromium. In some studies, dosages from 50 to 200 mcg areconsidered safe for use, and you should know that side effects are rare when thesesupplements are in question. When we get older, the chromium absorbing ability of our body will decrease andwe need to include chromium supplements in order to have a normal level of thismineral. Health complications can occur if you do not use chromium picolinateso try to use it exactly as the doctor has suggested. Follow the instructionsand never exceed with the dosage and the time of consumption. Do not be alarmedby different dosages because different circumstances call for differentdosages.


There are benefits associated with the use of chromium picolinate but there aresome side effects as well, and they are usually connected with the excessiveuse. Overdose can lead to certain health problems, and since we have seen thatdosage is a bit of an issue, it is not impossible to happen. See a doctor immediatelyif the symptoms of overdose appear and we will see which they are.Kidney damage can occur if you take more than 1200 mcg during the day. Thereare other side effects possible as well and they include skin rashes, headache,sleep disturbance, appetite loss, anemia, concentration problems, digestivetract bleeding, liver damage and kidney malfunctioning.

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