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Oxycodone is highly efficient pain killer used to treat severe pains, especially in patients suffering from arthritis or different types of cancers. According to the type, this is narcotic pain killer and patients using this drug may expect to notice its sleep inducing effect. This medication can be found combined with acetaminophen and these combinations are known as Percocet or Magnocet. There are 5/325 mg and 2.5/400 mg combinations, meaning that there are 5 (2.5) mg of oxycodone and 325 (400) mg of acetaminophen and these can be taken as tablets, orally or given IV (intravenously). Another option is oxycodone in liquid form, for people who prefer taking this medication as solution.

How Much Oxycodone?

Dosage of oxycodone depends on a person and medical condition of each patient. Some patients, such as those who had liver or kidney problems are frequently advised to avoid this painkiller. When determining the dosage of oxycodone, your doctor also needs to know other medications you have been using, in order to prevent possible adverse effects and interaction of drugs.Oxycodone dose commonly prescribed to relieve the pain are tablets of 5/325mg or 2.5/400mg. Doctors may prescribe taking these tablets 2 to 4 times per day to efficiently treat the pain patients experience. Depending on the severity of the pains, patients may use one or two tablets every 6 hours. Severe pains might require 5mg oxycodone tablets 4 times every day. If patients use liquid oxycodone, maximal dose is known to be 4 teaspoons per day and not more than that, every 6 hours. Make sure to consult your doctor about the proper amount of this drug for your pains.

Recreational Usage of Oxycodone

People taking oxycodone for recreational purposes (addiction) may use doses between 2.5 and 5mg. Teenagers are found to be abusing this drug in order to get high, using doses much larger than those prescribed to treat any pains. Overdose of oxycodone has been associated with certain relaxation, calmness and happiness but these effects are transient and the amounts of taken drug may seriously affect their health. Using more than 4 teaspoons or more than 400mg of oxycodone may get you high but it can also cause coma.Because of that, make sure to use oxycodone exactly how it was prescribed to you by your doctor and don’t take more than recommended dose of this drug. Taken in prescribed doses, oxycodone is less likely to cause serious side effects. However, overdose of this drug requires urgent medical attention for it may cause serious consequences.

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