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In 19th century vanadium mineral has been prescribed as a useful herb, in very small dosages, for various medical treatments. In larger doses, this mineral can convert into a highly toxic material, that is, if large amount of vanadium is engrossed. Natural way to take Vanadium is through food (Vanadium or bis-glysinato oxa vanadium, bis-malto lato oxo vanadium, vanadate, metavanadate, vanadil or orthovanadate). Vanadium is to be found in the soil and naturally, later on, ends up in different food grown in the soil.

Mineral intake is very important for repair and development of the human body. The main minerals necessary for a well being are magnesium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus. And trace minerals necessary for body in every single minute are nickel, silicon, cobalt, selenium, fluorine, chromium, zinc, manganese and vanadium.

Vanadium Benefits

Vanadium is very important mineral with various roles in the human body. It participates great deal in bones and teeth development and increase carbohydrate metabolism. It improves blood lipids and cholesterol levels and level down triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood stream. Vanadium has the important key role in glucose and sugar level transferring to muscles. Patients with type II diabetes benefit great deal from vanadium, because vanadium decrease sugar level in blood and improve delicacy to insulin. It is often used to treat cancer.

Another vanadium usage lies in the property to treat psychosis, mood disorders and manic bipolar depression. Vanadium can be taken as a herbal medicine as diabetes relief and to decrease level of cholesterol. Bodybuilders are using vanadium to improve strength and power. The usual standard for nutritional intake of vanadium suppose to be about 10 - 30 mcg daily for adults.

The Lack of Vanadium

The lack of vanadium can cause too high levels of triglyceride and cholesterol. Insufficient level of vanadium can cause kidney failed and cardio vascular problems.

The Sources of Vanadium

The great source of mineral vanadium in food are cabbage, green beans, corn, mushrooms, cereals, carrots, soybean, olive oil, oats, safflower and sea food.

Side Effects

If it is in large doses, mineral vanadium can be very toxic. Toxicity symptoms include purple – green tongue, great weight loss, tiredness, breathing hard, painful periods with women, depression, dehydration, retarded body development, chest pain or tightness, different rashes on skin, swollen skin...Overdosing with vanadium may also cause too little white cells or anemia.

It is not recommended to take vanadium supplement without the consultation with doctor, and also if you are having any other medication or disease that can collide with vanadium effect. It is also not allowed to take vanadium with a blood thinning agents because the combination may result with blood clogging.

Patients with depression, heart disease, a high blood pressure, gastro intestinal disease and high cholesterol levels are absolutely not allowed to use any dosage of vanadium mineral. Also pregnant women shouldn’t take any before consultation with doctor.

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