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Water retention or bloating is a condition in which ahigh amount of water gathers within the tissue, causing swelling of theaffected part of the body. If this occurs, a person can gradually gain weightdue to the water that is gathering in the body. In most cases, water retention occurs when the lymphaticsystem fails in its function to carry water to the blood stream, although the role oflymphatic system is also to remove water from the interstitial space. Waterretention can occur in one part of the body, or it can affect the entire body, causingthe swelling in the whole body.

Causes of Water retention and Bloating

One of the most frequent causes of water retention isexcessive intake of sodium or salt because sodium forces the kidneys to retainwater and the result is bloating. Women often can suffer from bloating a fewdays before their menstruation period or during pregnancy, and that happens becausethe levels of hormones during that period rise. In the case of oral intake ofcontraception pills, women can also experience bloating because of the hormoneintake. There are some drugs on the market whose side effect causes bloatingand most often those medications include steroids, anti-inflammatory andhypertension medications. If a person suffers from some kidney disorder, than itis more likely that he/she will also suffer from bloating as the kidneys areimportant for excreting sodium and fluid from the body. In other cases, waterretention can manifest a symptom for some other underlying disease such asvitamin B deficiency, arthritis, lung disease, or allergic reaction.

Prevention from Bloating

Diuretics are a means for water retention prevention in mildcases, but if the condition is severe, then an underlying disease has to bediagnosed so that the treatment is implemented. In the same time, doctors mayalso recommend the lifestyle change that includes the change in the diet. Dietarymodifications may be included as well, because they decrease the intake of saltor sodium. There are also some exercises that can be done and the most effectiveare cardiovascular and water exercises. It is important not to start the treatmenton your own, but consult a doctor first. There are some products that candecrease water in your body because they work like natural diuretics. Caffeineis a good natural diuretic and can be helpful in prevention of water retentionprevention. Other natural diuretics include cranberry juice, celery, lemonjuice, tomato juice, tea, peppermint, parsley, anise, asparagus, dandelion,etc.

If you want to get rid of bloating, a sufficient intake ofwater requires at least seven or eight glasses per day. That is importantbecause water helps our body to expel extra water and sodium out of it. Inthe cases of severe water retention or edema it would be best to immediatelyvisit the emergency room.

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