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For a couple that has been trying to conceive a baby for more than one year, there are certain tests which can be done to determine if there any medical reasons behind the problem. While people think infertility is primarily a female issue, there are also many reasons why a man may be infertile as well. However, the situation is not hopeless and with testing a couple can figure out why they are unable to conceive.

How to test for infertility problems can be done through blood tests, physical examination, semen analysis and other special procedures. Before a woman or man undergoes fertility testing, there are fertility awareness methods which a person can do naturally. For women, monitoring bodily changes and charting the body temperature can show her most fertile times of the month. Some couples are able to conceive naturally by knowing and planning sexual intercourse on the most fertile day(s) of the month. Also a woman needs to keep track of her menstrual cycle and when she ovulates; these things will need to be known by her doctor if she decides to have fertility testing. Fertility testing should also be considered if a woman or her partner have a physical problem, are over the age of 35 or in their 20's or 30's and have not been able to get pregnant. Some testing such as semen analysis, physical examinations and blood tests do not cause pain, while others such as an endometrial biopsy or laparoscopy can be uncomfortable.

How to test for fertility problems will depend on many factors such as the advice of the fertility specialist and what the desires of the couple might be. Fertility testing can take much out of a person physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. A couple needs to be prepared beforehand for everything entailed and know what to expect in order to make the most of the situation. For a couple trying to conceive a baby, fertility testing can be the answer to the problem. After consulting with a fertility specialist and adhering to any advice, a couple can overcome any physical or emotional obstacles deterring pregnancy. With time and a positive outlook, a couple can soon conceive a baby and have the family they have always wanted.

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