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About tamoxifen

Tamoxifenis a medicine that is used to stop the changes caused by estrogen in the woman’sbody. Due to the increased level of estrogen, some types of tumors can develop andwith the higher amount of estrogen in the body, tumors and even some cancers canbegin to grow. Tamoxifen has the purpose to stop this from happening. It ishelpful in the prevention of specific sorts of breast cancer especially in those who were exposed to radiation and who already had similar problems.

Tamoxifenshould be used according to doctor’s recommendations. You should inform yourdoctor if you are expecting a baby, because this medicine can have harmfuleffect on the embryo. You should also inform your doctor about the allergiesyou might have on some medicines if you have problems with liver, triglycerides, if you had heart problems or if you are exposed to any therapyfor cancer. When used for prevention of breast cancer, tamoxifen therapy shouldbegin during the menstruation. Yourdoctor can take precautions in order to prevent adverse effect of this drug byexamining your breasts or checking if your liver is healthy. It is important toregularly consult your doctor.

Before thetreatment

If you haveallergic reaction to any component of this medicine stop taking it. You shouldconsult your medical adviser about the possible risks associated withtamoxifen. This medication can cause malignant tumor in the womb stroke or thrombosisin the lung, which can lead to death. Use contraception but not contraceptivepills during the treatment period and two months extra. Consult your medicaladviser if you are breast-feeding and taking this medicine.

Risks associatedto tamoxifen

Asmentioned earlier there are certain risks when using tamoxifen because itaffects the estrogen level in the body. Those risks can be very serious and itis important to be informed about them. Studies have shown that cancerof the uterus was more prevalent among women who were using this medication.Tamoxifen may be very effective in preventing breast cancer, but it can harmyour womb. It can also cause menopausal hot feelings, weakness of the vaginalmuscle and obesity even though the woman is still having periods. Also the studiesshowed that the usage of this medicine can highly increase the risk ofdeveloping thrombosis. The organ which can also be affected by this medicine isliver. There is a possibility that a person will suffer from hepatitis whenusing tamoxifen. Those who use this medicine for a longer period of time candevelop more serious liver condition.

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