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Pyridoxine is very important for the functioning of our body, because it helps it to use all the food that we consume. It helps the body to gain energy, to have enough red blood cells, to produce antibodies and it is beneficial for our skin and digestion. Some of the groceries that have pyridoxine are liver, chicken, cereals, eggs, bananas, avocados and potatoes. If we do not have enough pyridoxine in our body, the results can be depression, anemia, weakness and skin problems. Older people and babies usually need more pyridoxine than others, so it is advised for them to take pyridoxine supplements. Supplements can also be used in depression treatment and by women who use contraceptive pills. Pyridoxine supplements are used when there is a lack of vitamin B6 in the body.
This supplement is quite safe for usage and it should not be used only if you suspect on an allergic reaction. When a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding, it is usually suggested for her not to take some of the medications, but some of them are beneficial for the mother and the baby. You should talk to your doctor about the safety of using certain medicines even if you are just planning to stay pregnant. It is not known for a fact whether or not pyridoxine supplements cause bad outcomes while used in pregnancy. You should consult your doctor about the usage of this medicine if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Most of the medications can induce unwanted effects. Those side effects are different in different persons. Some of the people might never feel side effects of the medicine. For now, there are no known adverse effects of this medicine. If you need additional information about pyridoxine supplements, you can find it in the leaflet that comes with the medicine, or you can simply address to your doctor. If you use levodopa and pyridoxine together, you should be aware that pyridoxine affects the absorption of levodopa. Pyridoxine cuts down the effectiveness of levodopa.
Therefore, in order for your levodopa to be efficient while used with pyridoxine, always add dopa-decarboxylase inhibitor to levodopa. Also, if you use ionized, take more pyridoxine than usual because ionized can decrease the effect of pyridoxine. Some other medications that can also decrease the effectiveness of pyridoxine are penicillamine, hydralazine and oral contraceptives. Due to that, if you take these medications, you should take more pyridoxine than usual.

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