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The Indian Medical association advised fertility clinics to obtain permission of childless couples who are trying to conceive artificially, in case of using third-party donors for IVF insemination. This seems like a logical procedure, but you would be surprised, for some couples it wasn't. The problem is many childless couples who were trying to conceive artificially with the help of IVF feel like they have been cheated by fertility clinic. Why?

Despite the fact of successful conception, they feel cheated, because the fertility clinic substituted the couple's biological genetic material with donor egg or sperm. This was simply done because the specialists wanted to assure the success of conception. The problem occurred because the parents weren't aware their genetic material was substituted, and yes, in that case I would feel cheated too. And since IVF is a laboratory technique, in which fertilization occurs in vitro, which means the sperm and egg are combined in a laboratory dish, and then after fertilization, the embryo is transplanted in the uterus, there is no way for parents to know whether the embryo is their. The only thing they can rely on is the honesty and moral responsibility of their doctor. But, can they?

A gynecologist from Army Hospital Research suggests that all couples who had had their children conceived with the help of IVF should test their child. This is the only way for them to know whether their child is their biological child and they have not been duped by the treating doctor. In cases of doubt, where couples feel donor material was used, doctors advise genetic testing of the child conceived. But DNA test done on the child can be done when the child is born, not before. The DNA test cannot be done at the embryonic stage as the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Technique ACT does not allow it. DNA tests are one of the methods to ensure and prevent clinics raising the success rate and to make promises they cannot make: they are neither well equipped nor have trained man power to handle things properly.

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