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Testicle pain is the pain in one ore both testicles and can spread to the lower abdomen. They are very sensitive to the touch and if one feels sudden and sever pain in the testicle, immediate medical intervention is recommended.

Abdominal pain may occur before the pain in the testicles is present. If a man, especially a young man, feels abdominal pain, scrotum should be carefully examined because it can be the sign of testicular torsion. It is the condition when the testicles are twisted. That cuts of the blood supply. It is a very serious condition that causes the tissues to die off. If a lump is found on the testicles, it should be carefully examined because it can be a symptom of testicle cancer.

Common causes of testicular pain are injury, testicular inflammation and testicle torsion which is common in men between 10 and 20 years old. Inflammations can be caused by epididymitis (inflammation of the sperm ducts ) which is caused by chlamydia, orchitis (inflammation of one or both testicles which is caused by mumps. Often, the fluid can collect itself in the testicles causing swellings and discomfort. Pain can also be caused by hernia. How to treat testicular pain at home?

If the pain is a mild one, caused by minor injury or by fluid collection, one can try to ease by applying ice to the scrotum, by taking a warm bath, by wearing an athletic support. If the pain is getting more severe or a fever develops or if the injury is severe and accompanied by vomiting and nausea, a person should seek medical attention. The doctor will probably ask how long have you been experiencing the pain, is one testicle affected or both, is the pain constant, did the pain develop gradually,what color is the urine and such.

Depending on the cause of the testicular pain, different approaches will be used to treat it. For example, if a person has a testicular torsion, the testicles will have to be untwisted. This can be done by physical means or, if that is unsuccessful, by a simple surgery. If an infection is causing the pain, antibiotics will be used.

Preventing testicular pain

Person involved in a contact sport, if its football or some kind of martial sport, should always wear a supporter to prevent injuries. When having sex, one should wear a condom to prevent sexually transmitted disease. One should make a monthly testicular self test.

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