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The men can develop testicular cancer within their testicles or testes which are placed inside the scrotum located underneath of the penis. The role of the testicles is to create male sex hormones as well as the sperm which is needed for reproduction. This type of cancer is a very rare, but when it develops it mainly affects the men from 15 to 34 years of age. Fortunately, it is treatable even when it is spread beneath the testicles. In most cases, this cancer affects just one testicle but in some cases, although very rare, it may affect the both.

Symptoms of testicular cancer

The main symptom of the testicular cancer is a bump in either testicle. Furthermore, the man with this condition usually has a feeling that his scrotum is somewhat heavier than before. A dull abdominal or groin pain, pain in the testicles and in the stratum and fluid accumulation in the scrotum are also the signs of the testicular cancer. The man with testicular cancer may also feel tenderness of the breasts or their enlargement but also a general feeling of tiredness.

When a man notices some of these symptoms, he should not panic and immediately assume that it is the testicular cancer. He should go to a doctor first and be sure of that.

Causes of testicular cancer

In the majority of cases, the testicular cancer begins in the germ cells in the testicles which are responsible for the creation of immature cells. However, the experts have not yet discovered what makes these cells grow abnormally creating thus the cancerous mass in the testicle.

The stages of testicular cancer

In the majority of cases, testicular cancer is found accidentally. If it is detected in the beginning of its development there are high chances to treat the disease successfully. Therefore, not only the women should go on the regular checkups of their reproduction system but the men also.

The testicular cancer has three stages of progression. In the first stage of the testicular cancer it is only confined to the testes and not spread beyond these parts. In the second stage, the testicular cancer is expanded to the retroperitoneal lymph nodes placed at the rear of the man’s body underneath the diaphragm. In the third stage, the testicular cancer is spread to the remote parts of the body. If the testicular cancer is detected in the first stage it can be completely cured.

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