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Back pain, in general, can be associated with injuries and trauma to the spine and a variety of medical conditions. The pain is in many cases located to a specific part of the spine so the patients either complain about upper back pain or the experience pain in thoracic and lumbar part of the spine.

It may be amazing but it is estimated that 80% of adults suffer from a back pain. Such a huge number of people who have to face this type of pain may be easily explained by unhealthy life styles which increase chances of spine conditions and even injuries to this particular part of the body.

Causes of Upper Back Pain

One of the leading causes of upper back pain is inadequate posture. Since many people work in an office they spend most of the time at a desk and the very position of their cervical spine is abnormal. This eventually leads to tightening of the neck muscles and the pain.

Even stress may be the cause of upper back pain. Stress can make people be rigid and the muscles of the back may become stiffer. Excessive stiffness of the muscles may feature with discomfort or pain.

The pain in upper back can be also associated with degenerative conditions of the spinal column and its components (joints, bones and discs). Even certain muscle disorders may feature with upper back pain.

How to Get Rid of Upper Back Pain?

It is essential to try to identify the underlying cause of upper back pain. The best way is to consult a well experienced doctor who will investigate patient's history, perform certain tests and examinations and finally set the correct diagnosis.

Many people have to deal with upper back pain which develops due to improper posture. They are advised to engage in physical activity and may be even recommended physical therapy via which they are taught how to maintain proper posture and this way effectively avoid pain.

If stress is the cause of upper back pain one is supposed to learn how to deal with it or try to reduce body's response to the stress. Relaxation techniques as well as certain sports such as yoga can be highly effective in management of stress.

And finally, if there are structural changes in the upper back which are responsible for the pain patients are treated either conservatively with medications and physical therapy or they undergo surgical procedures. The very type of treatment depends on the underlying condition and severity of the pain and accompanying symptoms.

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