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About cancer
It is very hard for a person to hear that he or she suffers from the cancer. Cancer is a serious health problem and the outcome can be fatal, but also the treatment itself is very exhausting. The majority of people think that cancer means that the life is over, but that is far away from the truth. Further more, depression can only make things worst and enhance the possibility for the outcome to be fatal. Cancer can affect the person both physically and psychologically. This disease awakens some of the worst emotions that a person can experience.
Emotional changes
Individuals who suffer from cancer and go through a very hard time dealing with the disease experience certain emotions that they didn't felt before. Fear is one of the first feelings affecting them. This feeling is present even after a successful treatment, because they are afraid that the disease will return. Most of the individuals who survived a cancer are afraid that the disease is back every time that they are not feeling well. Anger is also often present and it is a reaction to the sufferer's feeling that he or she can't do anything about the cancer. They are angry against the disease, doctors, friends and family members, and even against themselves. Sufferers often feel lonely because their lover usually leaves them after some period of time. At the beginning, everyone wants to come and visit the sufferer, but as the times goes by, the number of visits reduces and that leads to loneliness. People who suffer from cancer usually feel guilty about their disease. They feel that they are responsible for the cancer, that the disease is a result of their bad habits and lifestyle. They also tend to think that they make lives of their family members worse, as they are the ones who have to take care of him or her. Everyone who hears for the cancer diagnosis is under a lot of stress and as a response to such an amount of stress, depression and sadness come. However, these emotions have to be defeated so that a patient could get better. This disease is followed by stress and anxiety because the patient is entering a completely new world and everything in his or her life is changing. These emotions must be treated because later they can cause some other issues such as heart palpitations, sickness, liquid bowel movements, problems with breathing and other. If someone who is close to you suffers from cancer, you have to give all the support that you can. Try to understand the sufferer because the things that he or she is going trough are so hard that you can't even imagine.

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