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Danazol is a medicine based on the hormones, which, besides its primary use in the treatment of endometriosis, may also be helpful in the treatment of the conditions such as menorrhagia, breast pain, fibrocystic breast disease, and hereditary angioedema. Given it consists of testosterone, it works by affecting the ovaries to secrete less amounts of estradiol. Even though it is very effective and helpful, there are certain side effects of this medicine which should be mentioned, in order to introduce people who are considering its use. Some of them side effects not be ignored, because they may leave some serious and even permanent consequences if neglected.

All the side effects can be divided into several groups, so perhaps we shall begin with those which are the least serious, and, more or less, common and typical of all the medicines, and which include headache, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, changes in the appetite, oily skin, flushing, sleep disorders, fatigue, as well as the signs of allergic reaction which may require medical attention. Much more serious are the androgenic ones, because they call for immediate medial attention, especially in cases of women. So, if a person, especially a female one, notices that she is gaining weigh, that her voice has become more hoarse or deeper, that she is losing hair, or that there are unwanted hairs in unusual parts of her body, she should contact her doctor as soon as possible, to see if it necessary to adjust the doses, or to even stop taking the medicine. In some cases, these symptoms have to be tolerated if they are not too troubling, but the fact is that they may even be felt after the patient stops to take danazol. The same medical attention is necessary for those who experience any drastic changes in the menstrual period, nervousness and extreme changes in behavior and emotions, hepatic dysfunction.

Side Effects

Male patients who use this medicine for a longer period of time, may notice certain abnormalities in sperm count and decreased ejaculatory volume, while it is not uncommon for the patients of both sexes to have abnormal levels of lipids, lipoproteins, glucagon, and thyroid binding globulin as well as some other parameters which are usually tested in laboratories. The use of this medicine may increase the risks of congestive heart failure and other heart conditions, certain gastrointestinal problems, thrombosis, retention of water and decreased urination, and peliosis hepatitis, which, in some cases, can even have fatal outcome.

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