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Thyroid cancer and themain causes

Cancer of the thyroid gland is a very serious condition to whichwomen are much more prone than men, since they are naturally much more susceptibleto the majority of the diseases related to this part of the body. Thyroid canceris not that common, but the statistics state that the percentage of the peoplewho develop it grows each year.

When it comes to the causes, the fact is that thescientists still haven’t identified them, but it is known that certain geneticmutations have something to do with the occurrence of this disease. Thesemutations are responsible for the rapid growth and multiplication of themalignant cells, and since the cells are not able to die anymore, theiraccumulation is inevitable. There are several types of thyroid cancer but peopleare most frequently diagnosed with the papillary thyroid cancer.

Symptoms of thyroid cancerin women

As for the symptoms of the thyroid cancer, generally, they donot tend to show in the beginning, but they start to appear only when the diseaseis already in progress, or when the cancer has spread to other areas of thebody. Since women are much more at risk of developing this disease, they shouldbe well informed and they should pay attention to that part of the body.

In case if theynotice a lump or swollen lymph nodes in the neck, they should visit a doctor, andthe same should be done if they feel a persistent pain in the neck and even throat,particularly if the pain is excessive. Problems with breathing and swallowingmay also indicate this condition, as well as hoarseness of the voice anddifficulty speaking.

Still, many of these symptoms may also be the signs of someother conditions, or they may indicate a benign cancer, so the person shouldnot panic right away. However, it is highly recommended not to neglect them,but to see a specialist, just in case. Women who are between 30 and 50 years, those who have been exposedto radiation, or the ones that have a history of some thyroid problems in the familyshould have regular check ups, because they are more at risk of developing thiscondition.

There are ways in which this cancer can be treated, and they usually include the removal of the gland and the nodules, but the truth is that thesuccess and the final outcome of the treatment depend on many factors.

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