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Basic information on lung cancer

Generally, cancer represents one of the most serious and dangerous diseases. The most frequent type of this illness is lung cancer, which usually affects smokers, and persons above middle ages. This disease appears when cancerous cells start to develop in the tissue, which is main cause for appearance of the tumor. Depending on the rapidness of the development of this health problem, cancers are divided into two groups : Small-cell lung cancer ( more serious and spreads faster, usually diagnosed in late phase) and non small-cell lung cancer ( more frequent type and usually, easier to treat).

Triggers and symptoms

As we already know, one of the biggest causes of this, often, fatal illness is smoking. It is calculated that between ninety and ninety-five percent of lung cancer patients are smokers, because their lungs are far more toxicated with dangerous substances which are taken daily into organism. Other important causes of this illness are genetic heritage, stress, exposing to the strong chemicals which can be inhaled and of course unbalanced nutrition (often the one poor in fruit).

The biggest problem of this disease is that, often, is too difficult do discover it in the early phase. Symptoms are very hidden and hard to be spotted. However, some of the indicators can be shortness of breath and long lasting cough. It is essentially important that, as soon as one of these symptoms are recognized, medical help should be sought.

How to treat lung cancer?

Medical treatments of lung cancer are usually consisted of chemotherapy combined with medications, and sometimes, even surgery. Of course, depending on how bad the condition of the patient is, doctor will decide for the right treatment.

As far as the alternative treatments are concerned, they are usually less painful and more natural. One of the most familiar is formula MVA treatment which is consisted of a dietary supplement. Great amount of vitamins (such as B1, B2 and B12), which are found in this type of diet help in boosting immune system. Another formula which has shown great success in curing of lung cancer is CN formula which attacks infected tissue.

Nevertheless, very popular therapy of lung cancer is Body-temperature therapy which simulates fever feeling, and that way, helps in emission of the toxic substances from the body. Finally, various kinds of light treatments, such as bio – photonic, which involve UV rays radiation, are also very helpful in curing this disease because they kill cancer cells and regenerate healthy ones.

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