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If you are pregnant, you are bound to be getting numerous comments about the shape of your tummy. Friends, relatives, and total strangers alike think they have a right to comment on the way you look, and what that tells them about your baby's gender. Many people claim that you can tell of you are having a boy or a girl from the shape of their tummy. Is that no more than an old wives' tale, or is there some truth to these claims? Old wives' tales predict a woman will give birth to a girl if her bump is big and round. The bigger you are, the more likely it is that you are having a girl. Can people see that you are pregnant by looking at you from your back? Definitely a girl!

On a related note, some legends even predict that women who have pregnancy acne carry girls, because apparently the girl does not want her mother to be prettier than her! Those women who have a bump that sticks straight out, "like a football" are carrying boys, the old wives' tales will tell you. If you did not grow in places other than your uterus, and you carry "high", you will be the future mother of a son. Have people been telling you this, and are you asking yourself whether there is any chance they could be right? Allow me the pleasure of disproving these myths.

The shape of your pregnant belly has nothing to do with the gender of your baby. The way in which you carry does have something to do with your body shape, your size, and the shape of your uterus. Busy bodies spent nine months telling me I was pregnant with a boy because I had a "football-shaped bump". When I told them I had had ultrasounds, and they confirmed that I was in fact having a girl, they told me the ultrasounds must have been wrong. My daughter is four years old now, and has not grown any boy parts so far.

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