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Depression is a terrible cloud hanging over the quality of life of lots of people as many as one in ten people are depressed at some point. Treating depression is often a complex process, and one that can seem like a dark tunnel without light at the end to many sufferers. But, according to Scottish researchers, a daily brisk walk can really benefit people with depression.

The study team published their findings in the journal Mental Health and Physical Activity. They said that walking has a significant impact on depression, and said: "Walking has the advantages of being easily undertaken by most people, incurring little or no financial cost and being relatively easy to incorporate into daily living."

The researchers from the University of Stirling looked into eight previous studies about exercise and mental health, and found amazing benefits. According to them, walking has as great an effect on people as more vigorous and expensive forms of exercise. Exercising may release hormones that make people feel good, and may form a distraction from the difficulties of life.

Other people, commenting on the study, said that it is important for depressed people to find an activity that they really enjoy and that lifts them up a bit. People who suffer from postpartum depression may also take a hint from this new study. Of course, depression (including postpartum depression) may need to be treated with medication, as well as counseling. But, if you are depressed, certainly try to add a daily walk to your routine.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if something as simple as walking could lift you out of your depression? And of course, walking is a form of exercise that is totally compatible with having a young baby, so the findings the study team made could be especially suitable for young mothers with postpartum depression.

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