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A Depression Epidemic

Depression is quite a common condition affecting hundreds of millions of people each year, being present in their lives and affecting their daily well-being. Basically, depression can have more manifestations than a single one. Therefore, it may affect a person episodically, causing mood changing fits and periods which come and go, being much less dangerous in the long run. However, people can be depressed for a longer period of time. This kind of serious depression can cause numerous problems for their health, both mental and physical, and affect your social life and life in general. Since depression is quite hard to be noticed, especially by the one who is suffering from it, read the following lines in order to learn about the basic symptoms of this phenomenon, as well as some other characteristics related to it.How Can Depression Affect Your Life?

One of the most common symptoms is a sudden, radical change in one’s appetite. Namely, once suffering from depression, you might either start eating a lot more than usually, or decrease your daily food intake significantly.

Another common imbalance related to depression is a case of sleeping disorders. There are extremes in this field too, since depressed people are often prone to suffering from insomnia as well, even though they, at the same time, may be sleeping too much, rarely getting out of bed at all.

Additionally, depressed people often feel extreme fatigue and exhaustion, being incapable of performing any mental or physical tasks. Rather, they avoid getting engaged in any respect, leading lethargic, solitary lives.

As for aches and pains related to people suffering from depression, there is quite a long list of possible illnesses affecting them. They are prone to headaches, chest pain, heart and digestive problems, as well as painful back, bones, muscles and joints. Since all these mental and physical changes are not light on the depressed person, he or she may suffer from nausea as well. Furthermore, people with more severe types of depression tend to be either hyperactive and nervous or slow and sluggish. There are also cases where these two personality extremes strike a person interchangeably. Finally, impotence and loss of sex drive are both quite common in depressed people.

If any of the health problems mentioned above seem to escalate or get out of control, you are highly advised to seek medical attention as soon as possible, since depression which leads to these may be potentially life-threatening as well. The same goes for depression per se, since clinical cases of it are not to be taken lightly.

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