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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be classified as pain which lingers long after the wound or injury had completely healed. Its presence is no longer connected to the damaged tissue but most probably to structural changes which have been caused by the very disease. Chronic pain can be objective when there is actual cause of it and some people may complain about chronic pain even though their body is completely healthy. In them the problem lies in their heads. It is hard to deal with chronic pain. It interferes in everyday life and if it lasts long enough it can cause depression.

People suffering from chronic pain are often deprived of sleep which consequently results in chronic tiredness. On the other hand people who are already suffering from depression commonly report they are experiencing chronic pain. Still in them the pain is usually connected to their mental state.

Chronic Pain and Depression

The depression itself can have chronic pain as one of the symptoms. On the other side, chronic pain eventually leads to depression and sometimes causes suicidal tendencies. In the USA around 32 million people report chronic pain which can last longer than a year. Majority of these people suffer from depression. And statistics also confirms that 65% of depressed people actually do complain about the pain.

The pain in depression can get worse if the disease is not brought under control. It can only aggravate already existing symptoms such as loss of appetite, problems with sleeping, low energy and reduced physical activity. Fortunately, with the correct medications all the symptoms can be alleviated if not eliminated.

Additional Changes Caused by Chronic Pain

Pain in general can lead to certain emotional response in every single human being. Chronic pain can do that as well. Not all the people become depressive due to the pain. Some of them develop different emotional response and behavioral patterns. In the beginning chronic pain can cause anxiety, agitation and irritability. In worst cases it causes anger.

Additionally, it can lead to altered mood. People suffering from chronic pain may be also confused, their self-esteem decreases and they are prone to social isolation. Chronic pain reflects on every singe part of patient's life such as sexual life, sleeping, eating and work.

Dealing with Chronic Pain and Depression

Antidepressants are medications which can successfully take care of both, symptoms and signs of depression and chronic pain. Tricycle antidepressants are particularly good in solving the problem.

Apart from medications these people are advised to exercise. This way they reduce the chance of additional injuries and can actually alleviate the pain. Cognitive therapy may be efficient in certain patients.

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