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Whatis Depression?

Bydefinition: depression is a state of the human psyche which ischaracterized by a low mood and aversion to activity. Depression mayaffect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings but also his/herphysiological well-being.

Eventhough the causes of depression may be typically psychological,certain types of infections and physiological problems are known tocause depression as well.

WhatDoes it Feel Like?

Essentially,depression is a mood disorder. This is why many people suffering fromdepression may be experiencing feelings of anxiety, guilt, unworthinessor even constant fatigue. They will often find it hard to performdaily activities and are likely to lose their interest in life.Depression is also followed by a number of physical symptoms.

Thereare various types of depression. These include: atypical depression,major depression, dysthymia, postpartum depression and seasonalaffective disorder.

Depressedpeople are constantly dull and upset as they are prone to feelingconstantly physically exhausted. Depression is sometimes alsoaccompanied by feelings of restlessness, unwillingness to eat (insome cases, the opposite, the urge to overeat) and troubled sleep. Adepressed person will become violent, oversensitive and intolerantmore easily.


Depressionmay be treated by means of medication and therapy (including psychotherapy, talk therapy, light therapy, etc.). Depressioncounseling is the best way of treating depression.


Thegoal of Depression Counseling is to help the troubled individuallearn new skills which may help him or her overcome depressivethinking and the consequential behavior.

Pickingthe appropriate type of counseling (according to the type of personas well as the type of depression) is, obviously, a much better ideathan prescribing medication. This is because counseling helps theindividual to make sense of the situation without getting him or herpumped with drugs previously. This, consequentially, helps thetroubled individual, find his/her own way out of the depression in amore natural fashion.

Anumber of various strategies and therapies may be offered to providea safe and supportive way out of the troubled state of mind, orrather the mental disorder that is clinical depression. Thesestrategies may include programmes which increase the involvement inpleasurable activities, programmes which increase activities such asexercise, as well as assertive training.

Inorder for the counseling to be effective, the counselor (orrather psychotherapist) ought to be skilled in the particular field.Also, the more experienced he or she is the smoother the course of treatmentwill tend to flow.

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