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Cajeput oil facts

Cajeput tree, or more precisely its twigs and leaves are where cajeput oil is derived from. Australia and Indonesia are the homelands of this tree. Apart from here, it is also known that this tree grows in Vietnam, Java and Malaysia as well. Tea tree, paperbark, niaouli and eucalyptus trees are related to the cajeput tree. Cajeput possesses the characteristics of the white bark tree. This oil also goes by the name of the white bark tea tree oil.

What is cajeput oil?

The cajeput oil is an essential oil and it is quite fluid and crystal clear. Cineol, terpineol, terpinyl acetate, phytol, platanic acid and betulinic acid are only some of the ingredients of this oil. The odor is nice and aromatic and has a camphoraceous taste to it as well.

Cajeput oil uses

This oil can be used as a analgesic, antiseptic and insecticide but its main abilities are curative, invigorating and cleansing. A person can use it to clear acne and even clear the nasal passages. It is not uncommon to see people using cajeput oil to fight off colds, headaches and even pneumonia. Apart from this, cajeput oil can help ease nerve pain because it is an anti-neuralgic as well. People even use it when they want a healthier skin and if they suffer muscle or joint pain. In case of a toothache, a person needs to put a single drop of this oil on a cotton ball and place it between the gums and cheeks.

Cajeput oil benefits

When a person intakes this oil he will experience a nice, warm feeling in their stomach. This oil is known to help in curing acne, bruises and even simple burns and rheumatism. If a person has an athlete's foot infection, he can put the oil straight on it. In this case it is a fast remedy. In the same way it will help with insect bites as well. Laryngitis and bronchitis can be cured simply by mixing cajeput oil and water to prepare a gargle.

Cajeput oil side effects

Side effects caused by this oil rarely occur. Some of the side effects include rapid pulse, skin irritation, bleeding, weight gain and infertility. Mainly it is because of the overuse of cajeput oil that these side effects occur. A person should discuss the matter with the doctor before using this oil.

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