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A Symptom of Something More Serious

Feeling the specific mixture of shortness of breath and tightness in one's chest may be a condition caused by several different factors. The simplest reason possible may consider this condition a result of excessive physical straining. However, the situation may not be so positive since, numerous heart and lung problems may also be taken into consideration. Different allergies, or conditions like bronchitis and asthma may all stand behind the symptoms of tightness in one's chest or shortness of his or her breath. Therefore, it is of high importance that the person experiencing these symptoms seeks medical attention in order to find the underlying cause and starts the adequate treatment.

Possible Causes of this Condition

As it has been mentioned above, different allergies may trigger chest pain and the feeling of tightness in that area. Namely, any allergic reactions to dust, pollen, food or certain medications may all trigger this condition along with the shortness of breath. Another condition similar to an allergic reaction is asthma. Here, different allergens may trigger the inflammation withing lungs, causing respiratory system to be dysfunctional. As a result, one feels shortness of breath, tightness in his or her chest and experiences a hissing sound produced during breathing. Additionally, smoking or other unhealthy habits may lead to viral infection of the respiratory system, leading to bronchitis. Smoking may also cause damage to one's lung tissue, causing it to obstruct the airways in our body, causing breathing difficulties of these sorts.

Sometimes, a viral infection may cause inflammation of the outer layer of lungs. Then, the person suffering from this condition, experiences breathing difficulties and chest pain. Pleurisy is the name of this condition, and it may cause severe coughing along with the pain.

As far as heart is concerned, it may be connected to chest tightness and the shortness of breath as well. Namely, angina may be causing pain and breathlessness due to lack of blood and oxygen delivered to the heart. The worst case scenario may even involve an ongoing heart attack, which has these symptoms since there is no blood delivery to the heart and its tissues have started to die out.

Several other conditions may be additional causes of these two symptoms. Therefore, once occurring, one is highly advised to seek medical attention. Then, a doctor will have to conduct several types analysis including an X-ray or a CT scan, blood tests and numerous other, in order to rule out different possibilities until finding the disease at issue. Afterwards, he or she may prescribe an adequate treatment or any further steps in order to cure you from both the underlying disease and the chest pains with shortness of breath.

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