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Brown rice diet facts

There is not muchphilosophy behind the diet in question, unlike many would assume upon seeingthe headline. Namely, this diet is grounded on one simple fact, i.e. it requiresintroduction of some minor changes to the initial diet and that is it.Basically, all that a person needs to do is to swap white rice for brown rice. What manypeople do not know is that the white rice is actually a version of rice, whichis mostly deprived of all its nutrients, as well as fibers, but made moreappealing by means of polishing powder. Given the fact that the white varietyis poor with many of the health beneficial substances that the brown varietyhas in abundance, it is often necessary to include various supplements such asfruits, for example.

Just as stated in thetitle itself, the basis of this diet is brown rice. Even despite the fact thatup till this day there has not yet been more extensive research and moreprecise information on effectiveness of this diet, it has been discovered that brownrice has more beneficial properties than the white variety, and thus probablymore potential to actually aid a person in his/her effort to improve the overallhealth as well as hinder the piling up of the excessive and unwanted weight.


The primary notion ofthe diet in question is that white rice, after going through various polishingprocesses, loses its nutritional propertiesto a great extent. This does bear validity since white rice represents amuch poorer version of the brown rice, which has been deprived of its outerhusk. But what white rice is also deprived of in the course of milling arealso the fibers. What many homeopathic doctors point out quite often is that itis these fibers that aid in getting rid of the toxins that form in our bodiesand thus improve person’s overall health.


Having the properways of employing this diet plan, we have two different approaches at ourdisposal, i.e. the first one, which is regarded as the healthy one but to a small degree, is based on the concept of eating small rather than large mealscontaining brown rice (cooked in water) and five to six times in the course ofthe day. Other food varieties are not allowed. The second concept, which isregarded as the healthier and sensible one, resides in the fact that a personshould consume other food, disregarding the rice completely, and do so for oneweek. Among the food allowed are vegetables and various fruits, with theemphasis on their organic forms.

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