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Implantation Spotting

When the uterus is reached by the embryo, the implantation spotting occurs, and the state of pregnancy can be detected by this early symptom. The time of pregnancy brings a lot of change in the body that a woman is usually oblivious to, since she usually experiences fear and confusion due to the new state. The confusion can be even made worse when the bleeding we are talking about happens. We will talk about the implantation bleeding, but in order to bring this term closer to you, we will start with the fertilization.


Every woman's ovaries release an ovum or the mature egg once a month. This egg goes on a trip from the fallopian tube to the uterus and during this trip, the egg will meet sperm and they will connect and produce zygote. This process is named fertilization. If the sperm is not found on the trip, there will be no fertilization since the egg will reach the womb and be discharged as debris. The process responsible for this is menstrual cycle.


The zygote will enter the uterus and it will transform to a blastocyst due to the division of cells. They will then get into the wall of the uterus and develop in placenta due the high amount of nutrients located in this wall, also called endometrial lining. Implantation is the name of the process during which the blastocysts are entering the wall of the uterus. Also, unsuccessful implantation will remove the blastocysts trough the menstrual cycle.

Causes and symptoms of Implantation Spotting

When the blastocysts enter the wall of the uterus, blood may drip from the vagina. The look of this blood is easily distinguishable from the one of the normal menstrual cycle. It is usually brown or pink. A woman can expect the bleeding 6-12 days after the fertilization, though it mostly happens on the day nine. The time when this problem is experienced varies, but it usually occurs one or two weeks before regular period. This problem is not a grave one, and it does not even last long. Only 25-30% of women report this problem. Many do not even detect the spotting, which usually lasts only 2 days.

Pelvic cramps are another symptom that can be experienced. This problem is very similar to the one felt during the menstrual cycle and it is very frequently mistaken for miscarriage and even more with an early period. So, try to be straight when you are trying to get pregnant or if you are pregnant. This may be important since is can affect the pregnancy in many ways.

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