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Pregnancy is a rather delicate state and the period of a woman's life that should be calm, pleasant and fulfilled with joy and happiness. However, since not everything is perfect, some pregnant women may face certain difficulties and health problems during pregnancy. As for vaginal discharge during pregnancy it needs to be mentioned that any kind of such discharge must be reported to a health care provider. This particularly refers to brown discharge. Even though the problem may be harmless and transient, it requires further evaluation because brown discharge may be only a warning sign of more severe complications which are about to happen.

Brown Discharge during Pregnancy Causes

In many cases brown discharge in pregnant women is nothing but an older blood remnant left behind in the cervix. It usually gets eliminated from the uterus late in the first trimester.

During pregnancy the cervix may become way too sensitive. Some manipulation near this part of the uterus (e.g. ultrasound examination, sexual intercourse etc.) may cause irritation and little tears resulting in brown discharge.

Genital HPV Infection

Genital HPV infection is another potential cause of brown discharge during pregnancy. It is a well known fact that during pregnancy the body synthesizes lots of estrogen and this hormone allows lesions caused by HPV to be more supplied with blood. They may sometimes bleed. Other cervical infections may also be culprits of bleeding in a form of brown discharge.

Abnormal Pregnancies and Miscarriage

Two abnormal pregnancies are always accompanied by brown vaginal discharge. The first one is ectopic pregnancy and the second one is molar pregnancy. The first one is characterized by proper fertilization and implantation that does not take place in the uterus. Instead, the fertilized egg is implanted into the fallopian tubes or other organs in the pelvis. This induces bleeding and may cause even more severe complications. Molar pregnancy is not an actual pregnancy because there is no embryo but an abnormal mass growing inside the uterus.

Finally, the most severe cause of brown discharge during pregnancy is actually a miscarriage.

Brown Discharge during Pregnancy Treatment

Any bleeding must be promptly reported to a health care provider. The doctor will perform a pelvic exam and search for the underlying cause of bleeding. Additionally, patients undergo ultrasound which evaluates the baby and the placenta.

The treatment depends on the underlying cause of the bleeding. It may be conservative or surgical. Some women are not treated at all and brown discharge withdraws on its own.

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