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Lissedia Batista, a Spanish teacher at a Bronx high school, was four months pregnant when she attempted to stop a fight between two male students last month. One of the students pushed her out of the way as she jumped between the two, and Batista fell to the floor. An Explorations Academy spokesperson said the teacher, who was in her first year of working for the school, was taken to the North Central Bronx Hospital by ambulance afterward, but suffered a miscarriage there.

What a tragic story, don't you think? Imagine trying to break up two fighting youngsters both were 15 and then losing your baby after doing what you thought was the right thing. Our thoughts are with this teacher and her family. The boys who were fighting, meanwhile, are being investigated. A spokeswoman for the school said: "They are being disciplined. The school is investigating the incident." The president of the teachers' trade union United Federation of Teachers Michael Mulgrew declared: "Students, parents and teachers deserve to go to school in a safe learning environment every day." He added that he would bring the incident up with education officials in attempt to improve the safety situation in high schools.

No doubt, the 15 year old boys had no intention of making anything like this happen to one of their teachers. I feel for them too, in a way. But it does show that something in today's culture needs to change. When I was in high school not really all that long ago I don't think shoving teachers was the acceptable thing to do, and I don't think anything like that ever went on at my school. This is a very sad incident, and more than an "incident" for Batista and her family, because she lost her baby. I hope the trade union can do something to help prevent this kind of occurrence in the future. Also see medical check-ups after miscarriage and multiple miscarriages put women at risk of heart attack?

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