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Okay, this is a bit hard core news especially since it comes from Poland, a land known have high rate of Christians and a country known to be opposing modern fertility treatments because of God-related reasons. Anyway, here come the story.. and to be honest, I was sick to my stomach when I first read it and now you will be sick to your stomach...

Young people, teenagers, boys and girls (I won't call them men and women because obviously they are not) aged 14 to 15 played a game that they called "the sun or the star", and here is a reason why: girls lay on the floor with their heads together, and they had to have their eyes closed, and then the boys copulate with them, taking turns. The winner was the boy who ejaculated the last: the one who managed to finishing the intercourse last. These were the exact words of one of the students involved in the sun or the star game. Sick!

Of course the game resulted in several pregnancies by now. Only this year five girls got pregnant, and two girls of them already gave birth. The school's headmaster wants to cooperate and to resolve the problem. On the other hand teachers, parents and even more teenagers are not interested in answering any questions in a community where sex is a taboo topic and no one talks about it. There is no psychologist who would explain to the students that such games can lead to pregnancy, or to STD for example. My opinion: where are the parents? The school is not the only one responsible for teaching kids to wear condoms. All of them together: parents, teachers, school, and the church should tell these kids what consequences certain actions have.

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