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Miscarriage is regarded as anatural abortion of the fetus. It is one of the most distressful conditions inthe life of every woman, since the joy and happiness of conceived pregnancy andthe thought of a new life in the belly are suddenly destroyed. Although miscarriagemay occur at any time in the pregnancy, in the majority of cases, it happens inthe first trimester of the pregnancy. It is estimated that even every fifthpregnancy ends with miscarriage.

Causes of miscarriage

Genetic or biological reasons on oneside, and lifestyle habits of a woman on the other side, are responsible for the occurrenceof miscarriage. First of all, the women over 35 years of age are at high riskto lose their babies, as well as those women who already suffer from certain medicalconditions such as hypertension, diabetes and overactive thyroid gland. Spontaneous abortion may also beinduced by excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol, as well as by strenuousphysical activities and traumatic situation.

Symptoms of miscarriage

Sometimes miscarriage may be asymptomaticand the woman can even have a miscarriage not knowing it. The main symptoms ofthis condition include vaginal bleeding or vaginal spotting, accompanied by painin the abdomen, which is similar to the menstrual cramps. The pain may alsoappear in the lower back, buttocks and genitals.

Ways to avoid miscarriage

Every woman should have a completecheckup once she begins to make plans to stay pregnant. Thus, if there are somehealth problems, they can be treated before pregnancy in order to prevent the possiblenegative effect of that condition on the health of the baby. Once a woman conceives pregnancy, there are several things that she should practice in order to reduce the risksof miscarriage.

First of all, the diet should bechanged and the healthy foods high in vitamins and minerals should be consumedthroughout the pregnancy.Alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine shouldnot be consumed in pregnancy, while strenuous physical exercises andactivities should not be performed since they may cause miscarriage. However,there are specific exercises only designed for pregnancy and thus, they are allowed and recommended.Walking for at least 20 minutes aday, drinking a lot of water and having ample amount of rest is highly recommendedfor every woman if she cares about her pregnancy and the health of her baby.The pregnancy should be carefully monitoredand when the woman notices anything she does not find normal for her state, she should not think twice, but immediately call her doctor.

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