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A breast implant placement surgery, a plastic surgery of enlargement of breasts has their own after-condition such as fatigue, groggy feeling, having a sores etc. Anaesthesia fades out quickly, and afterwards there are other side effects usual after breast enlargement surgery.

Side Effects

There is swelling sensation after the surgery and breast implant surgery is no exception. It is when breasts might feel to be heavy, tight and large. That is why it is common to support breasts after the plastic surgery treatment with surgical garments. But the swelling also spreads down to the abdominal area.

Breast implants surgery can cause bruises on the body; a light bruising may be possible and can spread toward abdomen. If the bruising is large and painful, it is advised to visit a doctor, due to a possibility of having haematoma that need treatment. Bruises usually last couple of weeks.

Due to a surgery stretches of the skin are easily created. The stretched out skin accommodates to a new volume of breasts, and for that reason the breasts itch. There are lotions that can help and also type of anti-itching medications that can be useful.

A surgery like that leaves scars. And scars can be minimized by placing an inconspicuous spot and allowing the stitches to heal, without having an infection, trauma, stretching on any other incision of that location. Cosmetic surgeon can help with advice.

There is a mild or slightly stronger pain after the surgery. Pain killer is an option, but only after consultation with doctor. Pain will faint in time.

New breast implants need time to settle into a proper position and muscle and skin need to stretch a bit, to make room for implants. Until time passes, the new breasts can look un-natural, too tight, too rounded too high etc.

After the breast surgery nipples might be very sensitive. Numbing sensation is due to disturbance of the nerve pathways and is temporary.

Infection can happen if bacteria enter the body through the incision and wound. Infection signs are swelling, redness, sensitivity or fever. Infections can be cured with antibiotics, and in severe cases, a new surgery needs to be done to remove implants until infection gets to be entirely cured.

The surgery might cause constipation. There are remedies that can be used in such cases.

Surgery Side Effects

Possible side effects of a breast implant surgery are part of the healing process. To some degree, it is normal. All you need to do is to follow instructions of doctor in order to treat caused side effects of the operation.

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