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Average cost of breast implants

Breast Implants and costs

Though several new forms of breast augmentation have surfaced recently, breast implants remain the most frequently chosen method of obtaining bigger breasts. The cost of this surgery will vary, based on a number of factors such as the surgeon chosen, the region where a person lives and has the surgery performed, the actual type of surgery and anesthesia that a person chooses and whether the surgery is an in-office procedure or takes place in a hospital, but whatever the case, the breast cost is included in the overall charge.

The cost of breast implants ranges between $4000 and $10.000 often more. The implants alone are valued at $1000 to $1500, with the anesthesia and facility fee usually costing $1000 each. Adding this up produces the total cost, without including the surgeon’s fee. This fee varies, and depends on the surgeon and his place of practice. A factor that can influence the pricing significantly is the qualification of the surgeon. It is worth keeping in mind that with lower price, lower quality usually ensues.

 Another factor that can impact the overall cost of the surgery is the method chosen for the operation itself. The shorter the duration of the procedure, the lower the price, as prolonged usage of the facilities can cause increased facility usage fees. The type of anesthesia can also affect the price of the procedure, with general anesthesia being more expensive than local anesthesia. General anesthesia causes the patient to be fully asleep, while with local anesthesia the patient remains awake, but sedated.

Making a choice of surgeon

While it might appear that the least expensive option is always the more logical choice, this is not necessarily the case: the quality over price ratio is usually proportional. It is highly advised to make sure the surgeon has all the right qualifications, as well as to fully read all the paperwork regarding the breast implants, fine print included. Any price that appears too low considering the benefit should be put under closer scrutiny, and if the price is unreasonably low, seeking another surgeon would be the suggested solution. Conversely, a higher price does not necessarily guarantee quality, and again it is critical to be informed about the surgeon, and obtain additional information. Suggested ways of informing include Testimonials and references from other patients. Choice of surgeon and implant type should never be rushed, and should be carefully considered before submitting to any kind of procedure.

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