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Once you have undergone breast augmentation surgery or a breast enhancement procedure, you need to follow the recovery process rules religiously. This means that you have to rest and take your medications regularly and timely. Also, during this period you are disallowed to exercise or lift heavy objects. Finally, you need to wear and use good compression garment and a quality bra.

The Post Surgery Bra

Many women who undergo breast enhancement surgery do not realize the importance of the post operative bra. However, this garment is specially designed to reduce swelling of the area and position your breasts correctly. Additionally, it reduces the length of your recovery and allows you to go through it with as little complications as possible, improving your blood circulation. Moreover, if you decide to face recovery without this type of bra, you are almost bound to suffer from backache, thinning skin in the area or even sagging breasts. Therefore, wearing a post operative bra is the best possible choice for you.

The Things You Need to Know

Breast enhancement procedure is quite delicate and the recovery process is necessary to pass optimally. For this to be possible, you need the best support for your breasts, taking most of the pain away. If you opt for compression garments, you are likely to have your pain, throbbing and discomfort decreased significantly. Later on, once your recovery shows positive results, you can opt for sports bra which are less supportive than compression garments, but excellent for your purposes nevertheless, helping you recover fully and use regular bras in no time.

Before you opt for the right bra, you need to bear your breast size, the band, the cup and many other things in mind, choosing the one fitting your breasts best. You need to wait for at least six weeks before wearing bras with under wires.

Find the Right Bra

Once the swelling is gone completely, you are likely to have the same breast band as before the surgery, provided that you have not gained weight. In order to find out which band size is the best for you, you will need to measure the ribcage under your breast area. Wrap the measuring wrap around your ribcage tightly for precise readings in inches. Add 4 to the result if the number of inches is even or 5 if the number is odd. This will give you the band size to look for.

As for the cup size, you will need to measure you breasts beforehand. Take a tailor measuring tape and place it onto your nipple, extending it horizontally around your chest to your back. Then, subtract your readings from the breast band size ones, getting your cup size as a result.

Finally note that everything from 0 to ½ is AA, from ½ to 1 is A, from 1 to 2 ½ is B, from 2 ½ to 3 ½ is C, with an additional 1 making it D, DD being the size from 4 ½ to 6, DDD from 6 to 7, each next number advancing to GG, H, HH, J and JJ cup.

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