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There are three branched amino acids in the human body and they are the valine, sioleucine and leucine. The body needs these amino acids because they are responsible for the repair of tissue, muscle metabolisms and synthesis of proteins. The use of essential amino acid supplements is on the rise, and they are mostly used for preventing breakdown of muscles during the exercise and to increase the performance, which is why mostly athletes use them. We will see from where you can get these branched chain amino acids and which benefits you can expect.These amino acids make one third of the bones in the human body, but the body cannot produce them so we have to consume them through food orsupplements.


They are crucial for a proper functioning of the body, which will try to get them even from our muscles if enough of them is not consumed, and they are also needed when we are under a great stress. There are different roles for different branched chain amino acids. Insulin secretion, bone muscle tissue and skin healing are influenced by leucine, while hemoglobin manufacture and regulation of the blood sugar level is done by isoleucin. Tissue repair and muscle metabolism are influenced by valine, which is also responsible for the nitrogen balance. As we have said, the athletes use them to increase energy and endurance, but they are also used for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, tardive dyskinesia among men and burns. Cirrhosis and other liver problems can be treated by them, and they can even promote fat burning. The glycogen needs to be stored in the muscles and branched chain amino acids help this storage to be conserved. However, they also repair the muscle tissue and prevent the breakdown of muscles, which are the most important effects of the amino acids inquestion

Side Effects

Some of the side effects that have been detected are decreased number of other essential amino acids, breathing problems, chest pain, hives, itching, which are all signs of an allergic reaction. If you are having some of the mentioned symptoms, go and see a doctor. If you are having a kidney or liver disease, be careful when taking branched chain amino acids. Also, upset stomach, vomiting, excessive tiredness and increased level of ammonia in the body are associated with the taking of branched chain amino acids supplements. But if you want to increase the level of these amino acids, you should eat more almonds, cashews and other nuts, along with lentils, soy protein, dairy products, mushrooms, fish, eggs, whole wheat, brown rice, legumes, beans and meat, since they are rich in branched chain amino acids.

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