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Effective Only When Clean

Even though teeth braces, and other similar dental items can do miracles for teeth's health and structure, they need several things in return. Namely, their structure may easily cause food remains to be trapped somewhere where one cannot even remove them by using a toothbrush. If left uncleaned these may cause dental deterioration, making the braces more or less pointless. Therefore, one is advised to use numerous dental products in order to have his or her teeth clean at all times. This way, one will ensure healthy and perfect teeth once the braces get removed.

Proper Hygiene Tips While Wearing Braces

First of all, people wearing braces are highly advised to use floss. This makes them easier to reach places they cannot reach by using a toothbrush, therefore making their brushing and cleaning more thorough. However, one is to be extremely careful and gentle when using floss in order not to damage either the braces or the teeth.

Secondly, taking into consideration that teeth with braces are much harder to brush than teeth without them, you might consider buying a type of toothbrush specially designed for your purposes. These toothbrushes enable one to access all the teeth more easily, thus ensuring proper cleaning. Be thorough while brushing your teeth and pay every attention to details since you do not want any food remains left on your teeth, jeopardizing your dental well-being.

What Not to Eat While Wearing Braces

In order not to damage or deform braces, you should avoid certain types of food. Namely, apples, bagels or any type of food hard to bite are out of the question. Also, food which can stick to your teeth easily is not recommended. Therefore, avoid caramels and similar types of food. Corn cobs, popcorns, carrots and bubblegums are all considered dangerous for your brace and you will have to restrain yourself from those as well.

Additional Pieces of Advice

People wearing retainers might want to pay extra attention to them as well making sure they clean them regularly by placing them in disinfecting solutions. Also, before putting them back into their mouth, they should wash their retainers in warm water. Pay attention not to get hurt while playing sports bearing your braces in mind at all times.

Finally, in any cases of some parts of your braces or retainers getting loose or broken it is best to schedule a meeting with your dentist or orthodontist. However, if you need relief until your doctor is able to help you, you might use orthodontic wax in order to fix the problem. Additionally, if a broken wire causes you pain, try to move it to a less painful location by using a pencil eraser head or a similar tool, disinfecting it afterwards.

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