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What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth represent a common flaw. In many cases the condition develops because the mouth is too small for the teeth so the teeth actually get crowded and shift. Furthermore, crooked teeth may also occur as a consequence of an abnormal size of the upper and lower jaw. Even a malformation of upper or lower jaw may be responsible for the condition. Apart from the mentioned, crooked teeth are also associated with genetics, tumors of the mouth or jaw, periodontal disease, undue pressure on the teeth and gums and improper fit or dental restoration. The condition is common in children who have a habit of tongue thrusting and thumb sucking.

Orthodontic Braces for Crooked Teeth

Orthodontic braces, also known as dental braces, are very effective in correction of misaligned teeth and their repositioning. The goal of the treatment is to place the teeth into their normal position and this way allow for proper bite.

There are several types of orthodontic braces: ceramic braces, metal braces, invisalign braces, brand braces and lingual braces.

Ceramic braces are made of composite materials. They are rather strong and never stain. Two very popular brands of ceramic braces are Clarity and Transcend made by 3M Unitek and Mystique made by GAC. Ceramic braces are less visible comparing to metallic braces and this is why they are favorite among adults.

Metal braces are made of silver or gold. Since golden braces look like jewelry they are very popular among women. In the beginning, gums may be a bit irritated by the braces but after a while the person gets used to them. The arch wire is held onto the bracket with the assistance of an elastic O-shaped rubber band (a ligature). These braces provide with simultaneous movement of both, the crown and root of the teeth.

Invisalign braces represent specially fabricated plastic trays. They are very strong and practically invisible. This type of braces is an excellent choice for teeth that are not severely crooked. The teeth get straightened while nobody notices that a person is wearing braces.

Brand braces are made of pure monocrystalline sapphire. They are highly translucent, strong and never stain. If one's teeth are very white brand braces may be very appealing and even seem to disappear on the teeth.

And finally, lingual braces are placed behind the teeth. Because of that they are practically invisible to other people. This type of braces is made of metal. Only a well experienced and specially trained orthodontists are able to treat patients with this particular type of braces.

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